Band History

The band Bluegrass Cwrkot (the band’s name was invented by Petr Brandejs) was founded by Brandejs brothers Petr and Pavel in 1989. Cwrkot was a continuation of the band Bukanýři, which was playing mostly tramp and waterman songs since 1984. In the band Bukanyri were playing all the founding members of Bluegrass Cwrkot excepting Honza Lžičař, who was collecting experiences in rock bands in the area of Rychnov nad Kneznou. Cwrkot was a logical ending of the increasing interest of musicians of the Bukanyri for the traditional bluegrass music. We have to mention that the musicians from Bukanyri are doing several meetings every year to have a good time and to play old songs that they started with.

The founding lineup of BG Cwrkot:

Pavel Brandejs /1967/ – upright bass

Petr Brandejs /1969/ – banjo, vocal

Petr Týfa /1968/ – guitar, vocal

Jan Lžičař /1962/ – mandolin, vocal

Vráťa Stára /1971/ – mouth harmonica, vocal

Bluegrass Cwrkot was from the beginning oriented toward traditional bluegrass. At the beginning they have played mostly songs from the stars of the czech bluegrass scene and then, after the entering of Milan Leppelt, they have started to copying the oversea bands which were standing at the birth of bluegrass in the USA and played that what is called traditional bluegrass. It is logical, that the number of changing musicians was quite high, and lot of them belongs now to the top members of our bluegrass scene. We can mention some of them:

Vráťa Stára /1971/ – mouth harmonica, vocal (1989 – 1994)

Zdeněk Pátek /1967/ – mandolin, vocal (1991)

Mirek Šrůtek /1957/ – mandolin, vocal (1991 – 1994)

Petr Brandejs /1969/ – banjo, vocal (1989 – 1993) and again since 2009

František Klazar – guitar, vocal (1990)

Pavel Peroutka /1977/ – guitar, vocal (1993 – 1996)

Tomáš Peroutka /1975/ – dobro, vocal (1993 – 1999)

Václav Novotný /1963/ – mandolin, vocal (1995 – 1998)

Zdeněk Roh /1975/ – mandolin, lead guitar, vocal (1998)

Marek Macák /1972/ – mandolin, lead guitar, vocal, since 1998

Jan Lžičař /1962/ – guitar, vocal (1989 – 1990) and again since 1996

Jan Máca /1975/ – fiddle, mandolin, vocal (1999 – 2001)

Milan Leppelt /1959 – 2009/ – banjo, lead guitar, vocal (1991 – 2009)

Jirka Králík /1980/ – fiddle, vocal (2002 – 2005)

David Koucký /1983/ – fiddle, vocal since 2006

Bluegrass Cwrkot was a regularly member of the Banjo Jamboree festival in the last 15 years and it can be heard on many smaller or bigger festivals and on lots of club shows, which have connection with bluegrass. The band played first time abroad in 1992 in Germany, it can be heard in Switzerland, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and Slovakia also.

In summer 2009 a longtime band member Milan Leppelt has died suddenly from a wasp sting very close to his eye. BG Cwrkot lost a great banjo player, singer, songwriter and very dear friend. To help his friends, one of the founding members Petr Brandejs rejoined the band.

Milan Leppelt