About us

On this website you can have a look at the history and the near future of the band which is active on the Czech bluegrass scene for 30 years.

The band plays traditional bluegrass, you can find a lot of famous songs in their repertoir, but also a lot of nearly forgotten songs. In the same spirit you can find their original songs mostly from the pen of Milan Leppelt. The whole repertoir is sung in english. Cwrkot plays each year on a great number of festivals and club shows in their home country and also abroad. Their home station is “The Old Rebel Pub” in Sloupnice, to where Bluegrass Cwrkot invites every month some guest bands.

After the sad and sudden death of Milan Leppelt in 2009, one of the founding members Petr Brandejs rejoined into the band. In 2013 rejoined into the band fiddle player Jirka Králík. The current lineup of the band is:

Pavel “Brandy” Brandejs /1967/ – bass, bandleader

Marek “Maruku” Macák /1972/ – mandolin, lead guitar, vocal

Mojmír “Taras” Ševčík – guitar, vocal

Petr Brandejs /1969/ – banjo, vocal

Jirka Králík /1980/ – fiddle, vocal